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YOUNGQUEST FITNESS | www.youngquestfitness.com
YoungQuest Fitness is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and offers Custom Personal Training and General Memberships. Free 1 week passes available!

OXYGEN MAGAZINE | www.oxygenmag.com
For the best workout tips, recipes, and upcoming competitions.

OCTANE FITNESS | www.octanefitness.com
Best commercial and consumer elliptical on the market

FITNESS AMERICA PAGEANT | www.fitnessamerica.com
America’s most recognized Fitness Pageant. Check out the latest news about what's going on in the world of fitness competition. Check out the "Powder Room" women's chat online.

NATURAL MUSCLE | www.naturalmuscle.net
Natural fitness enthusiasts must check this site out! Various article features on training and nutrition.

Slendertone | www.slendertoneusa.com
Abdominal toner that uses EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation).