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Let the pictures speak for themselves! Melissa’s clients have proven that “fitness living” is a new way of life for them. By setting realistic goals and taking it one day at a time these individuals were able to achieve the ultimate success. Check back to see future profiles. Please contact me if you would like to change your life!


Age: 33
Lost: 20 lbs. in 8 weeks

Melinda Britton

Age: 33
Was: 205 lbs.; Now: 166 lbs.
Lost: 39 lbs. and 10% body fat

“I always encouraged Melissa to pursue her goals and she pushed me into doing the one I put off for so long and that was losing weight the correct way. I’ve learned many substitutions that taste great, and are lower in fat and calories. For example, switching from butter to butter spray, and skipping French fries for a healthier starch like baby red potatoes with garlic & dill. I work out consistently and prepare my food in advance.”