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Melissa Hall has been a contributing writer for “Pros Point of View”, “Recipes For Success” in addition to all of her workout features. Melissa provides her nutrition and workout expertise in articles, including “Zapped Cellulite” to “How to melt stubborn back flab.” Read below to see what the press has had to say, the latest News, and check to see what personal message Melissa has for you and
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Melissa and her husband Tony Little will be teaming up to host weekend lifestyle change seminars starting in September of 2011 with limited openings. Customized nutrition plan, fit for your lifestyle and body, how to sell the number one product yourself! If you're interested, please contact us at

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A personal message from Melissa:

“Take it one day at a time! Whether you are looking to lose weight, become a more positive person, better spouse, friend or what ever it may be… Commit to one kind act per day that will help you achieve you’re goal. If you are looking to lose weight, ask a friend to join you and so on. If takes so much more to step outside of our problems and realize that helping others helps us to ACHIEVE OUR goals that much faster.”
- M. Hall

Press Coverage

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Twin Cities Star Tribune | April 2, 2006

Solving the Puzzle

“Understanding how your body works is so important. I liked that: it was a puzzle. It’s not a deprivation system.”



Twin Cities Star Tribune | March 5, 2006

Catch your breath after looking at Oxygen

“Fitness expert Melissa Hall believes in mapping out nutrition plans.”



Oxygen Magazine | March 2006

Cover & Cover Article: Blast Stubborn Back Flab

“For veteran figure competitor Melissa Hall, the 2005 Ms. Bikini Universe Pageant, held in Miami Beach, was her time to shine.



Natural Muscle Magazine | July/August, 2005


Natural Muscle magazine is a Florida publication that is nationally distributed and promotes natural physiques.



Oxygen Magazine | July 2005

Article: How I Zapped Cellulite!

“Cellulite, oh yeah. I’ve struggled with that”. In fact my legs have been my weakest body part.”



Oxygen Magazine | April 2005

Article: Armed and Dangerous

“Find yourself running out of options for shaping your biceps? Fitness star Melissa Hall shows you five ways to do curls that will really get you pumped.”



Oxygen Magazine | June 2004

Article: Pressed for Time

With her full schedule, Melissa has to be efficient about how she stays in shape. “That’s why I took up circuit training a year ago.”



Natural Muscle Magazine | September 2004


Natural Muscle magazine is a Florida publication that is nationally distributed and promotes physiques.



Oxygen Magazine | February 2006

Article: Feel Fearless

“Are you in danger? Your greatest risk is not a random act. You’re far more likely to be hurt by someone you know than by someone you don’t.”



Oxygen Magazine | April 2003

Article: Maximum Fat Loss in 6 weeks

“Her fool proof, accelerated plan is sure to blast fat and get you fit in just 6 weeks.”



Oxygen Magazine | June 2003

Cover & Feature: Covergirl Exposed

“Fitness competitor Melissa Hall talks about growing up in Minnesota, people that impress her, and why she looks to her parents as her number one role models.”



Natural Muscle Magazine | July 2003


Natural Muscle magazine is a Florida publication that is nationally distributed and promotes natural physiques.



Le Monde du Muscle | March 2000


Melissa’s 1st magazine cover, an international publication promoting fitness and bodybuilding.